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Biolos R1 hand dryer

all new brushless motor
low power consumption – only 1000W
drying time only 10 seconds
noise less then 80 db
hygienic HEPA filter with easy changeable system
antibacterial coating with ION PURE®
dries hands from both sides at the same time
up to 85% less energy usage compared to standard dryers
anti-splash: keeps the surrounding area clean and dry
automatic switch off after 20 seconds
water collection reservoir
maintenance free operation and anti-theft protection
water full sensor, filter change sensor with indicator
5 years
remote control for showing uses and time in operation
air freshener tablet (optional)
colors: pearlescent white, silver, black, champagne gold
HACCP food safety certificate

Biolos R1 hand dryer stands out with its attractive design, ecologic functionality and many other advantages

Comfortable use
Thanks to the high speed airflow from both sides of the dryer, the hands get fully dried in no longer than 10 seconds.

Hygienic operation
The R1 dryer is contact free. The dryers shape is designed for water droplets not to drip on the user’s clothes or on the floor, so the surroundings remain clean and dry. (This also reduces maintenance in terms of cleaning and waste paper disposal). R1 offers a ‘sanitary protocol’ which ensures a safe operation for places with higher hygiene requirements, (e.g. hospitals, catering establishments, pharmaceutical companies etc.).

Air Filtration
The hand dryer R1 contains a selective filtration, whereby the unpleasant odours are eliminated. This system is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easy to maintain. The unit is not only highly efficient, ecologic and with an elegant design, but also ensures a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Economic operation
The only operational cost with the unit, is the electricity used to power it (only 1000W). Even this cost is lower due to the minimal time required to dry hands – no longer than 10 seconds. That’s why the hand dryer R1 is favourable over other standard products such as paper towel dispensers or dryers using hot air.

Easy maintenance
The water droplets from the hand are captured in the hand drying unit so the floor stays clean and dry. The bins also won’t get full of paper towels. The Raccoon system simplifies and reduces costs of the maintenance.

Environmental advantages
How much paper is used? How big is the impact on the environment? In the 12th floor of an office building, 384,000 paper towels are used every month, which is about 924kg of paper. This is equivalent to approximately 230 trees per year. If you stacked all those paper towels on top of each other, it would make a pile 400 metres high which is equivalent to a 90 storey building!

New elegant LED Display

Product video

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